John Hill

General Adjuster – North Texas

Mr. Hill has 30 plus years of background in both commercial and residential adjusting, construction and consulting.  In his many years adjusting both property and liability losses, he has handled a range of claims including multi-million dollar complex losses. He is currently handling claims in North Texas and Oklahoma region.

John has an eye for detail and excels at accurate estimating and handling the life of a claim through its completion. He is recognized as a proficient negotiator and comfortable interacting with contractors and others involved in the claims environment.

Specific area of expertise include:

  • Large losses with complex resolutions, including management of experts in assistance of these investigations.
  • Extensive experience with wind, hail, fire, water, theft, liability, and personal injury claims throughout his career.
  • Expertise in accurate estimating of all levels of commercial and residential property losses as a result of his early years as a commercial and residential builder.
  • Excels at commercial and residential roof claims. His knowledge of roof materials including all types of residential roofing, SPF, modified roofing, TPO and built up systems is key to his success identifying the cause and extent of roof damage. His understanding roof makeup, components and application is key to damage determination.
  • Extensive experience with construction defect and cause analysis in commercial and residential applications, including water entry/infiltration, foundation, and structural.
  • Experience with business income/EE analysis along with reconstruction timelines to successfully resolve complex commercial losses.

If asked, John will tell you the reason he enjoys this industry is that he gets to help people get through very difficult times with a professional and courteous attitude.