Dianne Johnson

Senior Administrative Assistant

Dianne Johnson has been a faithful and dedicated part of the PAUL R. WHITE & COMPANY family since 1988. She began as temporary clerical support staff, but she so impressed her supervisors with her work that she was asked to become a permanent employee. Over the course of the years, she has mastered the challenges of working in the ever changing climate of the insurance industry, while keeping abreast of the new technologies that are vital in this business. With her superior organizational skills, she now excels in the position of Senior Administrative Assistant, working behind the scenes to assist the adjusters and to keep things running smoothly.

In her own words, “PAUL R. WHITE & COMPANY provides a great work atmosphere. There is a comfortable “family” type of feeling that is really great for morale. When I am asked how I could stay at one company for so long, my basic reply is that it’s easy to stay at a place that feels as comfortable as home.”