Property Damage Claim Handling, Arbitration, Mediation and Expert Witness Assignments by Paul R. White & Company, Inc.

With over 50 years of service to the insurance industry, Paul R. White & Company, Inc. provides professional All-Lines adjusting services to Insurance Carriers, Third Party Administrators, Managing General Agents and Self Insured Entities. Our staff has a long term reputation for excellence in claims handling, mediation and arbitration services, and expert witness assignments.

At Paul R. White & Company, Inc. we strive to provide a quality work product in a courteous, ethical, and timely manner. In fact, this culture has become a tradition.

Property Damage Claim Handling, Arbitration, Mediation and Expert Witness Assignments by Paul R. White & Company, Inc.
  • Claims
    Claims Handling

    Our adjusters have handled a variety of complex losses, including:

     An explosion and resulting fire damage at a high school in San Angelo, Texas, loss exceeding $10,000,000.00

     A fire loss at a facility manufacturing oil field related equipment, loss exceeding $7,000,000.00

     A Hurricane Katrina loss involving an armored car company, loss exceeding $3,500,000.00

     A Hurricane Rita loss involving multiple locations for the City of Port Arthur, Texas, loss exceeding $9,000,000.00

     A helicopter crash involving multiple international claimants, a cross action involving the workers compensation carrier, and adjustment of the helicopter’s hull damage

    We also are the Third Party Administrators for liability claims for several entities that are self insured.

  • Mediation Arbitration

    In one case in 2007, we represented the carrier at a mediation for a slip and fall case in a nursing home in Beaumont, Texas. The plaintiff’s initial demand was $175,000.00. With the carrier’s attorney, we successfully settled the claim for $26,488.60 in mediation.

    In another case in August of 2005, we attended a mediation in South Padre, Texas regarding a lawsuit that the County filed against several sub-contractors. We represented the carrier of one of the sub-contractors. An opening demand of $950,000.00 was made against all the subcontractors, but with the help of counsel and other carrier representatives, we were able to arrive at a compromise settlement in the amount of $450,000.00.

  • Expert Witness Assignments
    Expert Witness

    Russell White, our Owner and President, has served as an Expert Witness in many claims and lawsuits over the years. He has provided his opinion in cases involving school districts, health care facilities, hospitals, commercial buildings, habitational risks and construction companies, to name only a few. His opinions are based on forty years of experience in the investigation, adjusting and settlement of insurance claims including the adjustment of first party property claims and commercial general liability claims, as well as his ownership and management of our independent insurance adjusting company. He has been involved in the evaluating, training and supervision of adjusters since his purchase of Paul R. White & Company, Inc. in 1975.

  • Bilingual Staff
    Bilingual Staff

    Texas has a large Spanish speaking population. In order to property facilitate the handling of claims involving Spanish speaking Insureds and Claimants, we have two adjusters fluent in both Spanish and English; Sina Maria Alvarado in our Houston office and Elizabeth Ortiz in our San Antonio office.